Veteran composer, drummer, percussionist, producer, lyricist and singer Bobbie Rae is a pioneer among jazz musicians, working rock and popular music into jazz compositions.

Bobbie’s reinterpretations enjoy huge success among audiences and critics alike.


Bobbie splits his time between Los Angeles, New York, and most recently, Berlin and is available for studio recordings, sessions, workshops, live showcasting and writing assistance.

His live and studio experience is extensive. He excels at helping musicians and artists achieve their goals, and does so with pleasure.


He has performed in 40 countries, including Japan, Brazil, Australia and New Zealand, touring extensively across the globe and the United States. He has lived in Italy, France, Holland, England, Kazakhstan and Germany - focusing on production, drumming, programming, writing, and singing, as well as educational seminars. He has taught and performed in over 450 high school and college workshops.


Bobbie Rae has recorded seven jazz CDs with Grammy-winning pianist Rachel Z and for eight years, Bobbie was a principal member of the Rachel Z Trio and then The Department of Good and Evil. He also recorded 14 albums with other music groups, as well as he is working as a session musician on hundreds of albums.


In addition to playing jazz all over the world, Bobbie was a core member of alternative music groups as Executive Slacks, Amplify, Spear of Destiny, M.D.M.A., Bunny Drums, Pure 13, New United Monster Show, When Worlds Collide, Jesse Malin and Twin Engines. He has performed with Simple Minds, Killing Joke, Sex Gang Children, UB40 (USA) and toured with George Lynch’s Lynch Mob, Italian blues and pop star Pino Daniele, and Italy’s “Prince of Song” Francesco De Gregori, among many others.



© 2019 Bobbie Rae
© 2019 Bobbie Rae