List Of Gear Available For Sessions/Touring

NOTE: All Gear kept in Climate-Controlled Secure Lockers































Available Stateside (U.S.):



Rogers script 1972 Fullerton 5-piece Black 24-12-13-16

Rogers script 1970 Fullerton 5-piece Black  24-14-15-18

Rogers 1970 brown panel kit  22-12-13-16

2-Rogers Big R kits:

Big R 1: 24-12-12-14-15-16

Big R 2: 24-12-13-16



Vintage stage band white pearl 3-piece 22-12-16

Vintage 1970s White Mother Of Pearl 22-12-12-16

Cobalt blue 1970s wrap-22-12-12-16



Sonor: hi lite 1990s kit 22×2-12-13-14-15-18

Sonor phonic kit 1: 22-12-13-18

Sonor phonic kit 2: 22-12-13-16 deeper depths



Orange Vistalite-2000’s | 22-14-16











There's also have a wide array of cymbal choices to pick from, tailor-matched for your project.

Get in touch for further details.


Available in Berlin:



1972 Ludwig mother of pearl kit 22-12-14-16

Ludwig Stainless steel kit 24-12-13-14-16

Ludwig stainless kit 2 hybrid 24-14-16 concert toms



Red Acrylic kit 26-14-16

M. Marsh cast steel snare 22 lbs.

Mapex: Orion birds eye maple purple stain kit 22-12-13-14-16

Mapex Phosphorous bronze snare 5×14 and 6×14


Over 40 snare drums covering all basic alloys.


Drumcraft Bell Bronze  5×14

Drumcraft cast aluminum snare 5×14

Ahead Bell Bronze 5×14

Sonor steel signature 8×14 1990s

Sonor P. Rudd signature chrome over brass 5×14

Sonor Danny Carey bronze signature snare 8×14


Various 14, 20 and 22 ply maple snares such as:


GRETSCH-Cast aluminium 6×14 snare

GRETSCH-Cast steel heavy 6×14 snare

Signature Brufford, Chambers, Chamberlain, & Paice snares.

Many other birch, maple and beech snares are also available as well as vintage Slingerland wood snares.

© 2019 Bobbie Rae
© 2019 Bobbie Rae